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Digital assets to lead the V-Commerce market
Strategic alliance for ecosystem expansion

On Protocol

On Protocol's contribution to Blockchain based on cryptocurrency is the actual usability and compensation for its users. Participants will reasonably receive what they contribute. As they can sell and buy various goods and services in real life, On Protocol will be the epitome of the use of cryptocurrency in real life.

Position Paper

We are all ordinary, but
we are all particularly extraordinary.

Initial Thinking of The Project

There are numerous talented people around us. The kinds and shapes of their talents are all different. However, many people simply cannot have a chance or something blocks them to express their talents, so they just bury their hidden talents in their hearts without expressing those talents to the world. We want to reinterpret ordinary but sometimes extraordinary people, so their talents and abilities come out to the world even once.

The Main Purpose of The Project

This project is the discourse and solution for the social and economic coexistence between amateurs and professionals.

First DApp

V-Commerce 3.0
An Incentivizing Tokenized V-Commerce

A Video Commerce Platform
Based on Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence,
Can Be Used In Real Life and Create Real Values.

  • fanzy Token Incentive and Charge

    For participants' contribution activities, such as watching, posting, buying, selling and recommending, etc, incentive will be given to participants. And the tokens can be charged in the service as well.

  • MyShop
    (Creator’s Market)

    Goods or services, introduced by creators in their videos, can be traded by fanzy token.
    Even if there is no video or product, anyone can open a shop with videos and products provided by FANZY and can activate transactions through promotions.



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